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Legal Action

BY Shawn Khorrami, Esq. – National Legal Counsel

Currently, lawsuits have been filed in a number of states against the American Dental Association, various state dental associations, and amalgam manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The lawsuits include class actions and individual personal injury actions. The class actions are filed based on fraud, negligence, and unfair and deceptive business practices. These seek to recover monies for removal and replacement of amalgam fillings, as well as provide medical monitoring for individuals who have or have had amalgams. The class actions are brought in various state courts, and each seeks class certification limited to the citizens of the particular state in which it is filed. It is estimated that each class numbers includes millions of individuals within each state.

Individual personal injury actions have been brought on behalf of autistic children and their parents, and on behalf of certain adults meeting particular criteria. These seek to recover past and future medical and care expenses, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, punitive damages, and other recovery particular to the individual plaintiffs. As the list of cases in which there are filings is continuously increasing, for current information refer to the link below.

The lawsuits are filed by a consortium of law firms led by national counsel, Shawn Khorrami. If you have any further questions or are interested in joining or filing a lawsuit relating to amalgam fillings, please follow this link to the Khorrami Firm’s website: www.khorrami.com. The firm also provides assistance for parents seeking special education for their autistic children.